If you know me, you know I love all things Spain. It started in 7th grade and just never stopped. It was after spending a year living in Spain that I met David. This gave him an automatic discussion topic in those early days. His curiosity was a thin disguise to spend time with me. Just ask one question and I’d talk forever.  Somewhere along the way I knew I didn’t want to share that-or any other-part of my life with anyone other than him. Even as newlyweds we’d dream and plan our trip to Spain together…..one that is still in the works a decade later. Though we weren’t able to visit, we decided that we’d incorporate some Spain into our lives.

One such opportunity came in the event of Three Kings Day, January 6. As we dreamed our future, we envisioned celebrating Three Kings Day with our children: opening gifts, extending the Christmas holidays, maybe even taking the day off school. Our thought was we could share Christmas with our families and still save something special for “just us”. As time has passed, we never really celebrated like we thought. Sometimes I’ll buy a Roscón de Reyes (a traditional treat in Spain) and I always think of my Spanish friends enjoying parades and the expectation of the Kings’ coming.

God knew even then what He’d be doing in our family. It’s so funny to look back now and see how He works all things. You see, today we’re celebrating on January 6 in a big way for the second year in a row. Not because it’s Epiphany, but because it’s our sweet Little Lamb’s birthday! For me, this is a precious gift from God. Long before she was born, He planned for this day to be special to our family. Never could I ever have imagined the joy we’d share! Our Creator is thoughtful and specific and involved. I am absolutely convinced that He is showing me that He sees me.  He makes my heart full to overflowing.

Happy Birthday, Little Lamb! We’re so glad you came 🙂


One response to “Epiphany

  1. arrowtograce 01/07/2015 at 1:57 AM

    Oh Mandy! I love this! Thanks for sharing, truly. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. We need a phone date.

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